UK finds that it actually WAS possible for Nigel Farage to be more embarrassing

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The UK has found that it was actually possible for Nigel Farage to be more embarrassing, despite what it had previously thought.

The British population was forced, once again, to curl up in abject humiliation at Mr Farage’s antics, this time during the opening of the EU Parliament, when the Brexit Party leader and his friends decided to turn around during the traditional rendition of Ode to Joy.

It is widely assumed that they were trying to make some sort of point, but anyone sensible has long since stopped trying to make sense of any point Mr Farage attempts to make.

“Honestly, I didn’t think it was possible to feel more embarrassed that I share an island with Nigel Farage than when he had dinner with those far-right conspiracy nutters the other week,” sighed normal British person Simon Williams.

“Other than that time he demanded to negotiate with the EU on behalf of Britain, or when he got all cross with Jo Brand about a joke she made.

“Or when he went and spoke at a far-right rally in Germany, that was a bit cringeworthy.

“Wow. You can easily forget how often you get embarrassed about Nigel Farage, don’t you?”

The UK has since found it was possible for Nigel Farage to be even more embarrassing than the back-turning incident when the EU gave him an identification ID of 007 and he proclaimed himself the ‘James Bond of Brexit’.

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