Steph Houghton offered lucrative Pizza Hut contract

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England captain Steph Houghton’s despair at missing a penalty could be assuaged by the offer of a lucrative contract to do Pizza Hut commercials.

Pizza Hut exec, Simon Williams, said, “Steph is a legend to everyone in the country and, despite her penalty miss, she’s done the country proud and we love her dearly.

“What better way for us to support her than by offering her exactly what we offered the men’s team back in the 90s: a lucrative contract to appear on telly eating our pizzas.

“She’ll follow in the footsteps of current England manager Gareth Southgate, Chris Waddle and Stuart Pearce and, given the comparison between female and male footballers’ pay, will really give her the chance to really be rolling in it.

“As well as just rolling, as the contract gives her free pizza for life.”

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Waddle himself said, “Obviously, Steph is only in the same bracket as Stuart and Gareth and not in the same class as me, because I’m the only one who ballooned it over the bar.

“In fact, mine’s just leaving the solar system now, I believe.”