Man becomes too old to have T-shirt hanging out but too fat to tuck it in

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A man who’s been told by his wife he’s too old to have his t-shirts hanging out has discovered, whilst trying to tuck it in, that he’s also too fat to do so.

The man, Simon Williams, takes up the story, “One evening, my wife turned to me and said ‘Si, I think you’re too old to have your t-shirts hanging out like that. Why don’t you tuck it in?’

“So, I tried. I mean, I really did. Hours and hours of trying. Brought a sweat on that, if anything, made it much harder to do. Anyway, I just could not get it comfortable over my rotundity.

“So now I’m in this weird old-fat-man’s land where I’m really self-conscious about the whole thing.

“I think it may even be time to stop wearing t-shirts.

“Nah, who am I kidding. My ‘Female Body Inspector’ one is the bees knees!”

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