Brexit Party MEPs instinctively turn away as Strasbourg waitresses begin serving milkshakes

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Brexit Party MEPs have been filmed turning their back on the Strasbourg European parliament after waitresses began welcoming new members with delicious milkshakes.

The incident left many observers bemused, thought party insiders insisted “You can’t be too careful these days”.

The Brexit Party congregation turned around en masse at the first hint of a milkshake being within hurling distance, and they remained that way until the coast was entirely clear.

MEP Simon Williams told us, “Nothing scares a tinpot fascist quite like the threat of being coated in a milky beverage, so it’s a wonder they didn’t leap from the windows. Turning their backs is actually quite restrained for them.

“I’ll be honest, when I saw they’d all eagerly turned towards the window I thought perhaps there were some migrants drowning in the Rhine out there, but it turns out it was just the milkshakes.

“Still, as a tactic, it seems to work. My two-year-old does much the same when I try to make her eat a vegetable she doesn’t like. Turning away is quite effective in avoiding things you don’t like.  Most people grow out of it by the time they are four or five – but this is the Brexit Party we’re talking about.”

Meanwhile, EU officials have insisted that the fact milkshakes now form part of the official lunch menu across all offices should not in any way be seen as a threat to the Brexit Party MEPs.

As one official explained, “Of course not, milkshakes are delicious, nutritious and we have several talented dry-cleaners waiting on standby.”