Back Boris campaign attacks BBC for censoring their candidate’s finest xenophobia

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The campaign for Boris Johnson has lodged an official complaint with Ofcom about the BBC, claiming that the broadcaster deliberately censored his xenophobic comments in an effort to malignantly portray him as some sort of tolerant cosmopolitan.

Simon Williams, communications director for the campaign, said that if it was true that the BBC deliberately censored Boris Johnson calling the French people ‘turds’, then that was clear evidence they were trying to harm his reputation with Tory voters.

Williams went on, “The depths that the liberal intelligentsia within the BBC will sink to clearly knows no bounds.

“We now have proof that they chose not to broadcast some excellent foreigner-bashing from Boris. He called the Frenchies a bunch of turds to re-assure Leave voters that he too knows they are all smelly and horrible – yet the BBC tried to erase this and just broadcast some dross about policy and summits.

“We also suspect that they have censored some excellent comments he made about Spanish women’s pubic hair and some cracking lines about Austrians guarding concentration camps.

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“The biased-BBC clear doesn’t want the core Tory support to hear Boris’ words because they know it will make him even more popular.”

Mr Williams said the tactics of the BBC to favour Jeremy Hunt were abhorrent but unlikely to succeed.

“Most party members know full well that Boris is at heart a boorish bigot – just like them. They recognise their own and know full well which candidate would forbid his daughter from marrying a coloured chap.

“Boris agrees with them that being born English makes them a superior human being despite the many obvious shortcomings. His track record of pointlessly insulting foreigners is by far the best of any person in government since Victorian times.”