Jeremy Corbyn claims that some of his best friends are Jews

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As the Labour Party finds itself embroiled in another anti-Semitism controversy, Jeremy Corbyn has claimed that some of his best friends are Jews so he can’t be anti-Semitic.

MP Chris Williamson – who was suspended in February over claims of anti-semitic remarks that he later said he “deeply regretted” – was readmitted to the party yesterday, leading to claims that Labour doesn’t take antisemitism seriously.

A claim strongly refuted by Corbyn and his team.

“There’s Abba, Aharon, Alter and others with names from even further down the alphabet as well,” asserted Mr Corbyn.

“They wear those little hats and everything.”

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Mr Corbyn went on to give details of a recent social event that ‘proved’ he wasn’t an anti-Semite.

“I recently got together with my Jewish friends, of which I have many,” he explained.

“We were having bagels and Alter turned to me and went ‘Oy vey, Jeremy what is this mishegas about you being anti-Semitic? How can you be when you are clearly here with your Jewish friends having bagels. Which are Jewish.’

“I thought about it and it became clear that regardless of how much I tolerate close allies discussing a Jewish conspiracy or liking art with anti-Semitic tropes or not agreeing with the accepted definition of anti-Semitism, I definitely can’t be anti-Semitic because I went for bagels with my Jewish friends.

“Who are all definitely real.”

It is also understood that Mr Corbyn’s Jewish friends all agree that they bear some responsibility for the behaviour of the Israeli government and it’s definitely not anti-Semitic to suggest that.