Freelancer’s landlord happy for rent to be paid in ‘exposure’

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A freelance writer has accepted a gig paying only in ‘exposure’ after his landlord said he was willing to accept it as payment for next month’s rent.

Simon Williams, 28, has been writing ‘content’ for various websites for five years now, was approached by new website to write an article about life as a freelancer in the UK.

Williams told us, “They made it sound like a wonderful opportunity to work with an exciting new digital business in a growing marketplace – but then came the bit about payment.

“Apparently I won’t get paid in ‘cash’, but rather in the exposure the work will definitely generate for me.  What’s more, this exposure is worth more than cash, which was news to me.

“So I went home and explained to my landlord that I was late with the rent because this month I was being paid in exposure, and his eyes absolutely lit up.

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“He said he’d take 500 exposures for the rent and we could call it quits.

“I’ve got so much exposure already, with more offers of exposure arriving daily, so it’s good to know I can finally spend it.”

We spoke to Williams’ landlord who told us, “Yeah, I’m always willing to work with my tenants who have temporary cash flow issues, and Simon is no different.

“Why do I accept exposure as payment for rent? Well, not to blow my own trumpet, but I like to think of myself as an innovator, and Exposure is that new digital currency everyone is talking about, right?”

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