Considerate driver avoids blocking the bus lane by parking on the pavement

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Local driver Simon Williams has been hailed as a ‘bit of a hero’ today after he ensured free-flowing traffic by parking on the pavement.

Simon, who was concerned by any effects he might have on public transport and cyclists if he left his car parked on the public highway whilst he went shopping, made certain he wouldn’t disrupt other road users by parking on the ‘essentially useless’ line of paving slabs by the wide of the road.

Other road users have praised Simon for his thoughtful action, saying that whilst he obviously had to nip to get several cans of Monster from the shop they appreciated the way he didn’t inconvenience them by leaving his car in their way.

“It’s all these pedestrians getting in the way instead,” one told us. “They’re all walking out into the road. Why can’t they follow Simon’s example and use the pavement?”

“I tell you, one of them is going to get themselves killed, the idiots.”

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Simon plans to follow up his selfless act of parking by sparing hard-working refuse collectors any trouble and dumping his empties in a layby.