‘Bus paint man’ horrifies nation as footage shows the terrible effects of past drug abuse

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The Home Office has decided to use shock tactics to curb drug use by showing the harrowing images of a tragically addled man rambling on incoherently about painting buses.

The man only identified as BJ by the Drug Abuse Agency is shown in heart-breaking footage, provided by a specialised NHS drug clinic and was quickly dubbed Bus Paint Man on social media.

It showed an adult man being asked a simple question but completely unable to focus, He seems to reach out to some hallucinated presence before spouting meaningless gibberish about painting little figures.

Simone Williams, director of the DAA, explained that the video was hard to watch but it would hopefully draw people into visiting their website where more information about BJ’s tragic story could be found.

“We chose BJ precisely because is posh and it shows that substance abuse knows no class when it comes to reducing someone to a pale shadow of a human being. Believe it or not, BJ comes from an incredibly well-connected family. He was born into wealth and had opportunities most people could never dream of.

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“But his story will be depressingly familiar to anyone working with junkies in the country’s worst sink estates. It’s all there.

“Always getting the sack. Reflexive lying. Refusing to take responsibility. Betrayals and shattered relationships so toxic the neighbours are forced to call the police. Not one single person he can truly call friend.”

Ms Williams was keen to explain that wealth did not protect people from the ravages of substance abuse.

“He doesn’t even know how many children he has. That’s how wretched he is.”