Taxpayer funds Harry and Meghan’s home renovation at bargain price of one MRI scanner

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Royal accounts reveal that Harry and Meghan’s new Windsor home was renovated at very little cost to the taxpayer – £2.4m or the equivalent of just one MRI scanner for the NHS.

Taxpayer-funded royal projects are often a source of controversy – wouldn’t the money be better spent on vital public services?

It is therefore encouraging that the renovation of Frogmore Cottage – Harry and Meghan’s new Windsor residence – could directly lead to the deaths of barely thousands of ordinary folk. Hardly any in the grand scheme of things.

“It’s a snip really,” said taxpayer Simon Williams who’s on the waiting list for an MRI scan after passing blood when he goes to the toilet.

“Sure, if Singleton Hospital received that £2m instead then they could have bought another MRI machine and I wouldn’t have to wait 8 to 10 weeks to get my bowels examined.

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“But it’s probably just a benign tumour or something anyway.

“Who’s going to begrudge a beautiful young royal couple having their own absolutely massive cottage renovated instead?

“It must be hard knocking about in Kensington Palace with all those other Dukes and Duchesses – the queue for the bathroom in the morning must be very long!

“And remember – all the taxpayer has funded is the conversion of five separate properties into one massive fuck-off one. The royals have been decent enough to pay for all the furniture themselves so let’s not blow this out of all proportion.

“Should the worst happen I’ll definitely have the happy image of Harry, Meghan and little baby Archie playing in front of a cosy log fire as the cancer eats away my insides.

“It will make the journey to the next life that much easier to bear.”