Boris agrees to debate Jeremy Hunt in November or December

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Boris Johnson has responded to claims that he is hiding from scrutiny by agreeing to debate Jeremy Hunt in November, or possibly December.

Although the dates suggested are four or five months after the leadership contest will have been decided, team Boris believe this timescale allows for the debate to focus purely on issues without the distraction of a leadership campaign going on.

“The problem with having a debate between Jeremy and Boris now is that the whole thing would be overshadowed by the leadership campaign,” explained Matt Hancock, a man who genuinely seems to believe he will get a job under Boris Johnson’s premiership.

“So, the most sensible thing to do is get all that out of the way, then give both candidates time to really prepare and then we can have a really, really fantastic debate in November or December.”

Fans of Boris, and other lunatics, have welcomed the decision.

“I hope this finally puts to bed this lefty conspiracy that Boris is hiding from Jeremy or doesn’t actually want to debate him,” explained Simon Williams who, inevitably, had something to say about the matter.

“I look forward to finding out exactly how Boris handles a high-pressure debate long after I’ve voted for him to lead the country.”

It is also understood that Boris Johnson will start opening himself up to the media by holding a number of interviews.

However, they will be conducted with Boris behind a locked door whilst putting on a funny voice that might make him sound like someone else.