Referendum fought on ‘democracy’ to see nation get Prime Minister no-one voted for

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The country which voted to leave the EU due to a lack of democracy will now be led by a Prime Minister voted for by absolutely nobody.

As Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt do battle for the leadership of the Tory party as a direct result of Brexit, a new prime minister that none of us chose will now make all the really important decisions in a move that should frighten any normal person.

Brexit supporters Simon Williams told us, “I voted to leave because the EU is patently undemocratic, but that’s a different sort of undemocratic to having a prime minister no-one voted for, very different indeed.

“Well, firstly, it’s different because the new prime minister won’t be a foreigner, and secondly, it’s different because no foreigners will have played any part whatsoever in putting them in power.

“Well, apart from the newspaper owners, obviously. And any of them that might have snuck into the Tory party by changing their name to George Smith from Anil Gupta or something.

“Anyone who suggests having an unelected leader of the country is undemocratic is probably a lefty-liberal remoaner who needs to get over it.”

Meanwhile, Nigel Farage addressed reporters as the battle for leadership of the Tories took another interesting turn, insisting, “I’ll do it. Technically the prime minister doesn’t need to be an MP, thankfully. I could be prime minister, most people want me to do it anyway.

“No, seriously, I’ll do it – I can start tomorrow. Let me do it, I could do it, I promise.”