My political views are private and I will certainly not discuss them on television, says future Prime Minister

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Boris Johnson has not accepted an invitation by Sky News to take part in a leadership debate with Jeremy Hunt, saying his thoughts on how the country should be run are none of anyone’s business.

Sky News is set to cancel a TV debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt after the former declined to accept the invitation due to ‘privacy’ concerns.

“People shouldn’t be so bloody nosy,” said Johnson when asked why he didn’t want to discuss his policies in public.

“What I do when I get the keys to Number 10 is my business, and mine alone. The attempt to get me to be in any way publicly accountable is nothing more than a politically motivated attack.

“Spying on people as they broadcast their views through the nation’s televisions – it’s the stuff of an Eastern bloc nightmare, not a free democratic society.

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“Anyway, it’s not as if this is a general election where the audience actually gets a say in who wins. The wealthy, old, white men who’ll be voting already know they want me, so I really don’t see the point in participating in a cacophonous exchange with one other person.

“The general public can bloody well get back in their box and do as their told once I’m PM – which, by the way, will be to give more of their money to rich people.”

Sky News’ latest plan is to get Hunt to appear on his own and just secretly record Johnson’s responses as he watches at home, ranting at the screen.