Man who already has a wardrobe full of Iron Maiden t-shirts just bought another

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Local man Simon Williams has just purchased a t-shirt with Iron Maiden on the front, despite already having a wardrobe full of virtually identical ones.

Simon, whose collection dates back to when he was a teenager, made the purchase whilst browsing the internet and ‘felt compelled’ to click buy regardless of the fact that he barely wears half the ones he’s already got.

“Look, it’s clearly different to my other ones so I had to have it,” he told us. “I didn’t have a t-shirt with Eddie as a gravedigger on it and now I do. My purchase makes logical sense.

“And it was on sale too – so when you think about it, by buying it I actually saved money.

“I look on it as an investment. In twenty years time it’ll probably be rare and worth a lot,” he added despite this never having happened before.

Although he doesn’t know it yet, Simon will put his shirt away with all the others and just carry right on wearing his Killers and Powerslave shirts like normal.

When asked, Simons girlfriend said she’s buggered if she knows where she’ll put this one, as the other wardrobe collapsed under the weight of all her Metallica shirts last week.