Woman insisting ‘courgetti’ is as good as spaghetti clearly lying through teeth

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A woman who is eating a lunch where the pasta has been replaced by thinly sliced courgettes is convincing absolutely no-one when she describes it as ‘delicious’.

Sharon Williams, 32, is currently on a health kick which has seen her cut out pasta entirely and replace it with something called ‘courgetti’.

Sharon explained, “It’s like spaghetti, but made from courgettes. It has nowhere near as many calories, it’s gluten-free, and it doesn’t make me want to go to sleep after I’ve eaten a massive bowl of it.

“It’s also delicious. Did I mention that it’s delicious? Yes, it definitely tastes great. Really great. You would never know you were actually eating a stringed vegetable, and not pasta.

“Honestly. I am really enjoying this bowl of spiralised green stuff that grew out of the ground. Anyone who says differently is lying.”

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Sharon’s colleague Dave said he has no idea if Sharon is telling the truth about the courgetti, but she did salivate into her notebook when he ate a doughnut in front of her during this morning’s management meeting.

He told us, “I can only hope that one day I will meet a woman who looks at me the way Sharon looked at that doughnut.

“She later asked if the team would like to join her for lunch as she’d found this great place close by that serves a delicious courgetti bolognese – meat-free, of course.

“I think her suggestion was the worst-received idea this meeting has ever seen. And last month someone suggested we could increase profits by making everyone work till 7 pm on weekdays.

“Apparently she’s going to reluctantly join us in the pub for a burger instead, but only because she’s ‘a team player’.”