Hearing BBC presenters accidentally say “Jeremy C*nt” is worth the license fee alone, confirm viewers

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With the news that the free TV license for over 75s is to be scrapped, regular viewers have confirmed that the fee is worth paying just to hear Jeremy Hunt’s name be regularly mispronounced.

Victoria Derbyshire was the latest BBC presenter to accidentally mispronounce the Foreign Secretary’s name on TV yesterday morning, prompting the clip to be shared on social media and bringing ten seconds of much-needed joy to a nation grown weary on politics and Brexit.

Regular viewer and swearing enthusiast Simon Williams told us, “It was great to hear someone as composed, experienced and professional a person as Victoria Derbyshire slip up yesterday and call Jeremy a c*nt on live TV. Especially as it was so clearly and crisply enunciated.

“It started off when he was Culture Secretary, and less well known as a complete tool, so it was understandable that the C and the H might get mixed up by people claiming it was an ‘accident’.

“But since then he has been Health and Foreign Secretary, and yet it still keeps happening in live broadcasts, on television and radio. I’m starting to think there might be more to this than a simple spoonerism.

“It’s almost as if something in the human brain desperately wants to refer to Jeremy Hunt as a c*nt.”

According to friends close to the couple, Mr Hunt’s wife often refers to him as ‘Jeremy C*nt’, although this could be more to do with that incident last year in which he forgot her country of origin.