Ed Sheeran challenges The Rock to a fight in a pub car park

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Following the recent trend of odd fight challenges issued by pop stars against movie stars, ginger musician Ed Sheeran has tweeted that he wanted to take on action star Dwayne Johnson for a ‘proper scrap behind the Wetherspoons’ in Bury St Edmunds.

In the tweet, the singer-songwriter said that he would take on The Rock and show him how “years of combat stunt-work and immense body strength are nothing compared to the shit I learned on the streets of Framlingham.”

Former UFC champion and Irish motormouth Connor McGregor further fueled the controversy by saying he would host the fight if The Rock was man enough. He also promised to personally intervene if Ed Sheeran got The Rock down by the recycling bins and was giving the muscular giant too much of a shoeing.

Simone Williams, publicist for Ed Sheeran, denied the challenge was nothing more than a publicity stunt to boost music sales ahead of an album release.

She went on, “That’s ridiculous. Ed might look like a friendly ginger cat with an unfortunate skin disease but he loves a good brawl. He did Judo at school and is certain he’ll show a Hollywood prima donna what proper fisticuffs is all about.

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“In no way is this just a way for Ed to grab some headlines. Neither did Ed chose The Rock because he is a legendarily nice guy and would never accept this pathetic challenge as he would end up looking like Hulk stomping on a puppy for taking a shit on the sofa.”

The Rock has yet to respond. However, people close to him said they couldn’t help but notice that nobody was trying to pull this kind of idiotic stunt with Russel Crowe.