Death metal band design logo in which their name can actually be read

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A death metal band have stunned fans of alternative music by designing a logo using a font in which their name is clearly legible.

‘Vomitory Bastard Slug Whore’, a death metal band from a quiet leafy suburb near Reading in Berkshire, made the decision after its members agreed that having a logo that clearly stated their name could potentially boost recognition in a crowded genre.

Band tea-maker, roadie and bassist Simon Williams explained, “We need to stand out from the other death metal, black metal, deathcore and doom metal bands out there.

“After a bit of a discussion between ourselves, we decided not to have a logo that looked like a seismograph undergoing a nervous breakdown and figured that maybe having a logo in which our band name would be clearly visible might be wise.

“After weighing up between Comic Sans and Calibri Light, we decided on Comic Sans, due to the universal appeal of the font – who doesn’t love it? – and the cheery air it gives off, which suits us down to the core, as we’re actually quite nice lads at heart.”

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The band’s debut album ‘Myocardial Infucktion’ will be released next week, and will come with complimentary ear plugs.