Brexit-supporting factory worker delighted Boris will spend Brexit dividend giving tax cuts to rich people

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A fervent Brexit supporter has spoken of his delight that Boris Johnson plans to use money set aside for Brexit to provide tax cuts to people who get paid way more than he does.

As Boris ramped up his campaign to be prime minister by promising tax cuts for those paying higher rates of income tax – paid for by money set aside to deal with Brexit – millions of Brexit supporters explained that this is exactly what they wanted.

Widget polisher Simon Williams told us, “I voted Brexit so that people who earn three times what I do can catch a break.

“If we’re not giving £39 billion to the EU, then that money should be put to good use right here in the UK. Think of all the people that money could help; people like the bankers, the lawyers, and the senior managers struggling by on sums I can only dream of.

“I voted for Brexit to help these people, not for selfish reasons, and certainly not because nationalist populists spent two years exposing me to highly effective propaganda.

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“Nothing would make me happier than to see every penny of the Brexit dividend go to help higher rate taxpayers have a few hundred quid extra in their pockets each year. It gives me a warm glow in my heart just thinking about it.

“Yes it does, shut up.”

Boris Johnson himself has defended the tax plans he announced, insisting it’s a sign he’s growing as a person. He told reporters, “At least this time I didn’t write it on a bus.”