You can’t dismiss the 29% who voted for the Brexit Party, insists man happy to dismiss the 48% who voted against Brexit

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Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has spoken out to insist the 29% of Peterborough voters who voted for his party cannot be dismissed, despite insisting the 48% of the nation that voted against Brexit should be ignored.

The Peterborough by-election was won by Labour in a very narrow victory, despite all forecasts saying the Brexit party would romp to victory, leaving many Brexiters deflated – something Farage was quick to address.

“This might feel like defeat, because more people voted for the other side, but it’s not a defeat, it’s a victory,” he explained, to bemused reporters.

“We finished ahead of the Tories, so that’s a victory. We didn’t lose our deposit – that’s another victory.

“Yes, we didn’t actually win a seat in parliament despite throwing all our money and the kitchen sink at this campaign, but 29% of people living here in Peterborough want the Brexit Party to represent them, which is why we won’t be going anywhere or accepting this defeat.

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“There was only a couple of per cent in it, so it’s practically a draw anyway.”

Labour has spoken out at their delight that running a campaign based on adopting a confusing Brexit position has actually worked.

“We’ve said it all along – if people don’t understand your position, they can’t be against it,” said Labour strategist Simon Williams while tapping the side of his head.

“You all laughed when we said the voters definitely wouldn’t fall for it, well you’re not laughing now!”

New Labour MP Lisa Forbes gave her very short victory speech while looking directly at the Brexit Party campaigners, telling them, “We won, you lost, get over it.”