When I told Peterborough to ‘make the by-election their D-Day’ I didn’t mean ‘defeat the far-right fascists’, says Farage

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Citizens of Peterborough were left feeling quite sheepish after a majority of them misinterpreted Nigel Farage’s call to emulate the events of D-Day and somehow took that as a sign they were to inflict a defeat on the far-right.

The leader of the Brexit Party had made a completely appropriate and tasteful video appeal, explaining that voting for a rich land speculator with no political past was exactly the same as storming the Atlantic Wall in order to free Europe from the yoke of a murderous racist dictator.

However, it appears that the appeal did not quite succeed, with the majority of people voting for other parties and giving the seat to Labour.

Simon Williams, Professor of Modern History at the University of Croydon explained that this is because there are two main schools of thought on how to interpret the events of June 1944.

He explained, “Because of pop culture, many people believe D-Day is a shining example of international co-operation between the free nations of the world uniting against the dark forces of ethnic hatred. People just think of soldiers from twelve nations fighting side by side to take down a dictator who loved speeches.

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“However, some people maintain that the key objective of D-Day was to allow the grandchildren of some veterans to puff up their chest and strut around like they had personally taken out a machine gun nest. For them, the legacy of World War 2 is basically about hurling childish insults at German people.

“Yes, it is indeed very sad.”