Latest Black Mirror episode depicts strange world where arseholes lose elections

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The latest offering from the groundbreaking series has once again garnered praise for a detailed portrayal of an alternative reality where decent people were somehow in charge and narcissistic sociopaths floundered in obscurity.

The episode, called Instant Karma, follows the by-election drubbing of populist politician Ivor Pharridge in a parallel universe where an educated and moderate electorate instantly recognises and dismisses shit-stirring charlatans.

Simon Williams, who runs a popular TV review website, was one of many to praise the tale of a minor politician trying to stoke controversy about immigration who then faces grassroots and media rejection of his divisive platform.

He explained, “It’s just how they thought the whole thing through. Down to that scene where Ivor does an interview where he tried to make a false link between crime and immigration. Then the news editors gave him one chance to retract before blackballing him from the TV network.

“Can you imagine if that were real? What would our politics look like if the press just simply refused to broadcast things they knew were barefaced-lies? Charlie Brooker has such an amazing imagination.”

But some scenes were criticised for their lack of realism. A charge Mr Williams accepts.

“The final bit on election day in the pub where a desperate Ivor tries to rile people up so he could get press coverage was a bit suspect. It’s an interesting idea for them to immediately see what he is up to and to calmly explain their personal desire for a tolerant multicultural society.

“I know Schrödinger hypothesized that there was an infinite number of universes where our smallest actions lead to different consequences – but there is no possible plane of reality where people who are in the pub on a Thursday morning are not hate-filled cretins.”