It’s lucky the Germans didn’t build a wall, says Donald Trump on D-Day anniversary

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Speaking about the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings, President Donald Trump has pointed out that the Germans could easily have fought off the invasion if only they’d built a big wall around the coast.

The people of Portsmouth are today hiding under mattresses and constructing makeshift air raid shelters – not as part of some WW2 re-enactment but because Donald Trump is coming to town to commemorate the anniversary of D-Day.

The President’s hot take on the largest seaborne invasion in history is that the Nazis should have constructed a wall around the French coast.

“All those pillboxes and mines and whatever – waste of time,” said Trump when asked about the significance of the landings.

“The only way you can defend a border is to build a wall. Imagine if the Germans had done that. They’d have won the war without another bullet being fired.

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“Our troops would have landed on Omaha beach – which weirdly is also the name of a place in America – and they’d have been helpless.

“What could they have done? Bombed it? Knocked it down? Climbed over it? No. The Nazis missed a real trick there.”

Trump was then asked to expand on his comments that D-Day was “the greatest battle ever in history.”

“Well it was just so exciting,” he said. “So exciting. All those guns, those cool little boats that go on land as well, flamethrowers… you name it. Bang bang, boom boom!

“Our boys must have been thrilled to be running up those beaches, invincible with a rifle in their hands, defending freedom and democracy the only way we can – by shooting as many people as possible.

“It’s just a shame I wasn’t born yet or I’d have tried to go myself – just like I tried to go to Vietnam.

“Damn those bone spurs.”