New Brexit ‘Party’ video just Nigel Farage saying ‘Brexit’ interspersed with footage of Live Aid crowd cheering

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The Brexit ‘Party’ has released a brand-new video of something that didn’t happen.

The video features Nigel Farage saying ‘Brexit’ interspersed with what is clearly the crowd from 1985’s Live Aid cheering wildly.

It is thought that the tactic of releasing videos of things that didn’t happen was a key tactic in the Brexit ‘Party’s’ success in the recent elections.

The Brexit ‘Party’, though, have insisted that the video is accurate.

“We have big rallies,” insisted Simon Williams, a spokesperson for the ‘party’ whose soul belongs to Satan.

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The crowd scenes show a crowd of upwards of 60,000 people.

“Really big rallies,” confirmed Mr Williams.

The twin towers of the old Wembley stadium can clearly be seen in one shot.

“No, that’s a town Hall in Bolton, you metropolitan elite should leave Islington every now and again.”

There are people in the audience with deely-boppers, mullets, and ‘Choose life’ t-shirts.

“Well, Bolton has never been a particularly fashion-forward place.”

The closing bars to Status Quo’s Rocking All Over The World can be heard in one scene.

“Yes, Nigel wanted to do What You’re Proposing, but the band didn’t know it.

The video of things that didn’t happen is expected to be watched by tens of thousands of the sort of people who believe this nonsense.

It follows another video of something that didn’t happen released at the start of the week in which Nigel Farage says ‘Brexit’ a lot interspersed with scenes from the end of Return of the Jedi which show wild celebrations on Bespin, Naboo, and Tatooine.