Tony Blair relieved he never wrote ‘Saddam has weapons of mass destruction’ on the side of a bus

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Tony Blair has breathed a massive sigh of relief, it has emerged.

After seeing on the news that Boris Johnson will be forced to attend court to defend accusations of lying over his claim that the UK gives the EU £350 million every week, Tony reportedly breathed a sigh of relief and attempted to high five himself for not putting any lies on any buses when he was in power.

Sources close to the former Prime Minister told us, “When he saw the news about Boris he had a good chuckle to himself.

“Then he muttered something about thanking his lucky stars that he’d not printed that whole thing about Iraq having WMDs on the side of a bus, and had merely committed his baseless opinion to a dodgy legal dossier instead.”

Political commentator Simon Williams told us, “Just imagine if Tony Blair had put all that on a bus – he could have possibly faced some criticism for his invasion of Iraq!

“Or worse, maybe even legal action against him.

“He’s a very shrewd guy, that’s for sure.”