Stop calling us racist, demands Brexit Party activist, whose fellow supporter shouted ‘go home’ to elected Asian MEP

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Brexit supporters are getting seriously hacked off about being labelled racists when there is absolutely zero evidence that any of them are, apart from the ones telling Asian MEPs to ‘go home’.

Brexit campaigner, Simon Williams said, “the liberal elite, who are basically anyone that is not us and the BBC, obviously, cannot help but construe racist intent in a perfectly innocent comment just because it was aimed at a brown woman, who ridiculously wants to represent actual British people.”

“My red-faced colleague merely noticed that she looked quite tired and was probably in need of immediate rest. Far from being puerile xenophobia at its worst, it was a compassionate plea to rest her weary self.

“Obviously, by finding the nearest airport and fucking off to Pakistan to do it.

“It’s like when our supreme leader and official party Homer Simpson impersonator, Nigel said he felt “awkward” on a train journey in central London when he heard only foreign languages spoken by his fellow passengers.

“He clearly meant that it prevented him from entering into friendly discussions or pointing out historic battlefields where we bested the French.

“Or working out their evil plans to bring down the nation, which, let’s face it was their only reason for being here.

“As a staunch Brexiter I can say without hesitation that I have no problem with foreigners staying.

“As in the one that works in the home that cleans my mother’s arse and the funny Indian man that runs the curry house around the corner.

“He always kisses my hand. He knows his place. No problems.

“Boris will no doubt come up with a funny way to describe people like him when he’s Prime Minister.”