Lying is perfectly acceptable when the truth makes your position look bad, insists Brexiter

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Brexiters everywhere have spoken out in defence of Boris Johnson – who is facing accusations of misconduct in public office over his Brexit bus lies – insisting that lying about things is perfectly acceptable when the truth makes your side look bad.

As a private prosecution continues which could see for the former Foreign Secretary and senior Leave campaigner forced to testify in court over his ‘We send £350m a week to the EU’ claim, many Brexiters have insisted they only lie when they need to win an argument.

Brexit campaigner Simon Williams told us, “Yes, I get it, people would have preferred it if Boris hadn’t lied about the amount of money we give to the EU. But what choice did he have, given that the truth wasn’t really going to help our side. We needed a bigger number, so he came up with one. No big deal.

“As I’ve always said, you should always tell the truth, unless that truth is inconvenient, or harmful to you in any way whatsoever – in which case lying is not only acceptable, it’s necessary. Otherwise your side might lose, or you might personally suffer some consequences. And who wants that?

“Why is that such a controversial position to take? The truth is such an overrated concept. If people really cared about the truth then they wouldn’t have voted for Brexit in the first place. You could say that it’s the ‘will of the people’ that we continue telling them lies.

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“And I for one have no problem giving people more of what they want.”