Three new Black Mirror episodes to show what country will be like under Boris, Gove and Hunt

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The three new Black Mirror episodes due to be released next week are merely three different scenarios illustrating what the UK would be like with a new Conservative Prime Minister.

Netflix executive, Simon Williams, said, “As usual Black Mirror is at the cutting edge of new and creatives ways of telling stories, and this interactive-yet-not-interactive way of storytelling will chill fans to their very souls.

“If Brexit has not already done that to everyone.

“We’re very proud in particular of The Boris Episode – entitled The Boris Episode – which has been rated 18 for sexually explicit content as a scruffy twat fucks an entire country both metaphorically and physically. The twist is, in this bizarre universe, most people actually want it.

“It starts with him goading another Prime Minister into fucking a pig – something that both happened really and in fiction, ironically in Black Mirror.

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“The Gove episode is easily the most unnerving as you’re never quite sure what he’s thinking or what he’s going to do next. Does he have a soul? The viewer is left wondering throughout. The whole thing is simultaneously more shocking and terrifying than The Exorcist.

“And finally, The Hunt Episode… Well, that’s just an out-and-out farcical comedy, where a slightly-dim sitcom character ends up in charge of the country, so you can imagine how that’ll pan out. And it might well.”

For the first time, Netflix will be trialling new technology via a terrifying interactive element where the public actually gets to vote for one of these horrifying outcomes to happen in real life, during the next general election.