Gavin and Stacey Christmas special to show them being torn apart by Brexit debate

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Much-loved BBC sitcom ‘Gavin and Stacey’ is to return this Christmas after a nine-year absence with the one-off episode showing the once loved-up couple getting divorced after finding themselves on opposing sides of the Brexit divide.

One of the most popular comedies of the past decade ‘Gavin and Stacey’ is returning for a 2019 Christmas special. Although plot details are being kept under wraps it’s been revealed that Brexit will play a key part in the characters’ relationship.

“The programme was always about the relationship between different parts of the UK,” said a BBC insider who wishes to remain anonymous.

“So it’s only natural that the divisive nature of Brexit now destroys the once happy couple.

“Like the country itself, the new episode has a very different tone to the 2010 version. It’s more of a tragedy than a comedy, to be honest.”

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What we don’t know is who’ll be the Remainer and who the Brexiter – on paper it seems that a Welsh girl and an Essex lad might both be happily flying the Brexit flag.

“Most of the episode is set in Gavin and Stacey’s kitchen,” said the anonymous source.

“One of them suggests ordering a Chinese takeaway – except they use a derogatory term to describe such a meal. The other accuses them of being racist and in turn, they’re told not to be ‘so fucking woke.’ Then they get into a lengthy argument about the EU referendum and whether it was or wasn’t primarily driven by xenophobic impulses.

“It’ll be perfect Christmas evening entertainment for families who hate each other and have spent most of the day having similar arguments themselves.”