Manchester City stripped of Premiership after adding everyone else’s points together proves they lost

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In a dramatic development overnight, adding the points of every other team in the premiership together has proved Manchester City didn’t win the Prem.

City, who it was believed had beaten Liverpool to the league title in a tight race, actually turn out to have been defeated by eight hundred and seventy-three points when everyone else’s performance was taken into account.

“It’s the only fair way to do it,” said Burnley fan Simon Williams, “If you look at the facts, they show quite clearly that anti-Manchester City teams actually won and they should get the trophy between them.

“Even if you add both City and United together, Manchester teams still lost by almost seven hundred and fifty points so it’s outrageous that the silverware should go there. That’s the real will of the Premier League.

“At the very least we should have a second 2018 season on the basis of this outcome.”

When asked, a spokesman for Manchester City said, “You lost, get over it.”