Deplatforming racists doesn’t work, says man who hasn’t heard Tommy Robinson lost his election deposit

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Racists should be defeated with robust debate, rather than being deplatformed, insisted a man this morning who hadn’t heard Tommy Robinson lost his deposit in the EU elections and blamed it on not being allowed on social media.

Robinson – real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon – only secured 2% of the vote in the North-West region, ensuring her lost his £5,000 deposit, and was quick to blame his bans from platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as the reason more people don’t like him.

However free speech activist Simon Williams was still of the belief that disgusting ideas deserve to be heard and should be defeated in the court of public opinion.

He went on, “You don’t defeat these ideas by committing them to the shadows, you shine a light on them and give them a voice where you can then pick apart their position.”

“Yeah…no,” said Derek Matthews, “I’m perfectly happy deplatforming odious shits like Tommy Robinson, and I think we can all now agree that it definitely works.

“Tommy not being on any social media platform has seen him lose his deposit, which I’m sure means everyone will join me in a good hearty laugh.

“So it’s a tough one, do we debate their shitty ideas in front of a potential audience of millions, or just tell them they can’t spew their hate in certain public spaces and see their support dwindle into insignificance.  It’s difficult, right?”

Meanwhile, Tommy supporters have been quick to insist he only lost his deposit because millions of his supporters had their votes rubbed out and changed to different parties, all as part of a liberal conspiracy to thwart the will of the people.

However, Matthews responded, “That’s possible I suppose. It’s also possible that he lost his deposit because the Twitter bots run by far-right organisations that make him appear popular can’t actually vote.”