But you don’t mind Google spying on you? asks Huawei

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Tech giant Huawei has pointed out that Britain and the US don’t seem to object to intrusive surveillance by other companies

After being increasingly excluded from British and US communication infrastructure, China’s flagship technology company has assured consumers that its surveillance won’t be any more extensive than that currently enjoyed by Google Play Services users.

Huawei Press Officer Henrietta Lee commented, “We find it strange that you are upset by the idea of a wiretap in your home, recording your every conversation. But if you give it blinky lights and call it Alexa then everyone seems to be fine with it, as long as it knows what the weather is like outside, or can play the latest Ed Sheeran album on command.

“Should consumers use our products or 5G network they can be sure that their details and lifestyle will not be used for marketing by large corporations, but only by reputable governments for political purposes, like it is already.”