British given vote on Brussels bureaucrats for first time ever

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In an unprecedented move, the British electorate has gone to the polls to decide who they want to represent them in the EU for the first time ever.

Before now, the EU has been entirely undemocratic and unrepresentative with lawmakers simply appointed by shadowy committees probably in Germany or something – and the British have had no say whatsoever.

However, millions of Brits have poured to polling stations this morning, keen to use their first opportunity to decide on who would be their democratic tribunes.

“This is one in the eye for the globalised elites who run the world,” said first time voter Simon Williams.

“Now we British get to send MEPs to Brussels and there’s nothing they can do about it.

“It’s a wonderful feeling. I’ve never voted in a European election before in my entire life, and I can’t help but wonder how much different things would have been if I’d done so.”

Despite stories about leaving the EU, most British voters are confidently looking forward to taking part in the next European elections in five years time.