Andrea Leadsom to marry Dothraki horse lord to consolidate power

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Following her dramatic resignation from Theresa May’s cabinet, Andrea Leadsom has travelled east in order to marry a Dothraki horse lord and consolidate her power before launching a campaign to replace Mrs May.

The marriage will not only improve her standing across the Narrow Sea, but will also grant her the title of Khaleesi and the loyalty of an army of Dothraki warriors which could prove invaluable in a Tory leadership election.

“Boris remains the clear favourite in any leadership election,” said a Tory Party insider.

“But having an army of Dothraki warriors should certainly even the odds.

“In fact, one would imagine that just one Dothraki warrior could see off Boris in combat in a matter of minutes.

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“This could prove to be a very canny move.”

Tory Party members were impressed by the out of the box thinking demonstrated by the former Leader of the House.

“Good for her, I say,” said Simon Williams, a Tory Party member and modern-day slaver.

“The important thing is getting rid of Mrs May and her dreadful deal and, although I do favour Boris for the leadership, returning to Westminster as a Khaleesi at the head of a marauding horde could certainly persuade me to listen to what Andrea has to say.”

It is currently unknown whether or not Ms Leadsom intends to walk naked into a fire and become the mother of dragons.

Which is, of course, how Margaret Thatcher was able to achieve the respect of her peers and dominate the Tory Party for a decade.