EU elections set to be even more disappointing than Game of Thrones finale

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The final episode of Game of Thrones and the coming EU elections are vying for the coveted title of Biggest Letdown of 2019, with both sides hoping to produce a record number of sunken shoulders and dashed expectations.

The HBO series is seen as the favourite to win but many experts believe the emotional investment in the EU elections will deliver a stunning anticlimax.

Dr Simone Williams, a psychologist at Croydon University, explained that, unlike people campaigning in the EU elections, GOT fans had been slowly preconditioned over the last two seasons to accept the ending would be a bit shit.

She went on, “It’s easy to think no one will ever be more dismayed than idiots who named their child Khaleesi. But, subconsciously, those people knew the show was basically running out of ideas and struggling to wrap-up.

“So they might sign absurd petitions asking HBO to reshoot a new version of season eight, but they were actually braced for the worst and thank their stars no one did a musical number.”

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Dr Williams maintained that EU elections campaigners were even more delusional than anyone with a ‘Winter is Coming’ tattoo.

“Brexiters think that giving Farage a large majority will make all the problems of No Deal vanish and somehow give power to a group without one single MP.

“Remainers are under the delusion that electing Lib Dems of all people will make half the country forget about their vote like some sort of time-machine powered by dullness. As for Labour supporters, I don’t think they understand this isn’t a general election.

“And whatever happens May 23rd, they will all come to the awful realisation that the UK is still utterly fucked.”