Brexit Party to highlight ‘undemocratic’ nature of EU by running in democratic EU election

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The Brexit Party is continuing its strident campaign against the ‘undemocratic’ EU on the eve of democratic EU elections which give everyone in Europe the opportunity to shape the EU Parliament through an election.

The election is the second largest democratic event on the planet and the Brexit Party will use it to illustrate how profoundly undemocratic the EU is.

“The EU is, without doubt, an undemocratic organisation,” said Nigel Farage to a rally of ageing casual racists who recorded Midsomer Murders so they could come to a church hall to be told what to think.

“It is run by a parliament full of an unaccountable, unelectable collection of elites, and on Thursday, myself and my colleagues hope to be elected to form part of that parliament.”

Mr Farage confirmed that being democratically elected is only the first part of his plan.

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“Once elected I will use my platform in the Parliament to moan endlessly about how undemocratic the whole affair is.

“That’ll show ‘em.”

Farage’s supporters agreed.

“Aye, of course the EU is undemocratic, because Mr Farage told us it was,” insisted Simon Williams, a used underwear collector and supporter of the Brexit Party.

“And Mr Farage doesn’t lie, because he told us he doesn’t.

“So, I’ll be using my vote in this democratic election to vote for the man who will take us out of this undemocratic EU.”

Following his election to the ‘undemocratic’ EU, it is thought that Mr Farage will campaign to deny the British people a democratic referendum on the final Brexit deal.

Because that would be undemocratic.