Bran Stark has milkshake thrown over him by angry members of the Unsullied

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This article contains spoilers for the Game of Thrones finale, you have been warned.

The so-called ‘Milkshake protests’ have continued to spread as far as Westeros today after it emerged that angry members of the Unsullied have thrown a series of dairy-based drinks over Bran Stark.

Stark, who is described as ‘weird, and creepy’ has been criticised for failing to deliver on his responsibilities as King by allowing Jon Snow to move to the North so he can live freely among the Nights Watch, despite being guilty of murdering the Queen.

The elite warrior-eunuchs were taken completely by surprise by the events leading up to Snow’s release, leading to Stark furiously berating them for not seeing it coming.

Frustrations only grew louder when Bran the Broken revealed his choice of Tyrion Lannister to be his ‘Hand of the King’ – a man previously imprisoned and sentenced to death by Queen Danaerys for betraying her.

Some have suggested that throwing a milkshake over a man in a wheelchair is a bit much, even for a place like Westeros, though others argued Bran was lucky they didn’t throw a spear.

Bran defended his actions while wiping milkshake from his eyes, telling the unsullied’s leader, Greyworm, “Obviously I knew all of this was going to happen, I just didn’t tell you.

“But despite that, it’s still your fault you didn’t do anything about it, just like always.

“At least now you all know what that Starbucks cup was for,” he concluded.

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