Game of Thrones shocks fans with ‘it was all a dream’ soap opera ending

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The critically acclaimed TV series Game of Thrones, a tale of dragons, swords and politics has upset fans by ending the show with original character Ned Stark “waking up” in the shower in 1980s America.

The epic fantasy series, based on the books of George R R Martin had been running into apparent difficulties when the show outpaced the release of the books, causing the scriptwriters to come up with their own storylines, which had angered many of their hardcore fans.

The latest series had been widely criticised for unexpected character motivations, sudden deaths and feeling rushed, as if the writers and directors just wanted it all to be over so they could move on to better things.

On Sunday night fans got to see how the TV studio decided to end it all, which they did by unexpectedly revealing that the whole thing had been a dream and the main character, Ned Stark, who viewers had seen decapitated in the first series, was actually taking a shower in 1980s Dallas the whole time.

Over three thousand online petitions have been started since the finale aired a few hours ago calling for the show to be completely re-filmed in exactly the way each petition author sees it going inside their head.

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The petition reads, “Game of Thrones belongs to me, a fan, and any attempted by the writers to deliver a story that does not deliver a satisfying conclusion to me personally, should require an entire season rewrite. And yes, I still live with my parents but what difference does that make?”

When asked for comment, the show directors said “We just thought a lot of fans would like to see Ned Stark naked in the shower”