Dragon attack on Kings Landing was a ‘false flag’, claims Winterfell conspiracy theorist

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Winterfell conspiracy theorist Sinom Wilyems has published a pamphlet claiming the recent dragon attacks on Kings Landing were a ‘false flag’ orchestrated by the Lannisters.

The attack was staged to turn the people in favour of war in Essos and justify the confiscation of legally-owned dragons from law-abiding citizens.

In his folio, Wilyems pours scorn on the ‘lone woman’ story, which suggests a teenaged girl got her hands on dragons and learned to ride them without outside help, before creating her own network of Dothraki riders and freed slaves.

”Who has enough gold to fund an operation of that scale, and agents in Slavers Bay to put it together? Only the Lannisters.

“Tyrion Lannister spent years associating closely with the attacker but now claims he had ‘no knowledge’ of what she was planning. You’d have to be stupid to believe that.

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“He must have had access to stockpiled dragon eggs in the palace and passed them to one of their own people to set this up. It’s the only explanation which makes sense.”

Many of the so-called ‘victims’ and ‘Grieving relatives’ of the attacks are actually actors paid with Lannister gold to trick you into feeling sorry for them, he went on.

He added, “If what I’m saying is not true, why won’t they have a civil public debate with me?

“Their refusal to talk to me can only mean they’ve got something to hide.”