Decisive Labour Party not ruling out looking into the possible option of discussing a hypothetical 2nd referendum (should all else fail)

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Alarming polls for the upcoming EU elections have forced the Labour party to focus their campaign on Jeremy Corbyn’s firm pledge to perhaps evaluate proposals to discuss the option of a People’s Vote, should his Brexit plan fail or he can’t trigger a General Election. Maybe.

Amanda Tinnock, an ardent remainer from London, was one of many that completely changed her mind about how to vote thanks to the new strategy.

“My husband and children are EU citizens so this is very personal to me. I have been campaigning daily to stop Brexit since 2016 and was going to vote for a party that openly supported my chief political goal.

“But now Labour campaigners have explained how Jeremy has clearly promised that we might be allowed to put a suggestion for a People’s Vote in his in-tray. It’s made me completely forget how his key aides saw the massive surge for remain parties in the local elections and promptly claimed that was a message to deliver Brexit.”

Ms Tinnock was also impressed by Labour’s insistence that they were the only party that could stop Nigel Farage.

“I’m glad I was warned not to waste my vote on a foolish tactic like trying to stop Farage’s signature policy. Now I understand that what will see him off is voting for a party that has promised to enact what he has campaigned for all his life, but in a ill-defined lefty way.

“Perhaps by going to a Gaza solidarity event in Luxembourg or by getting Jeremy Corbyn to say ‘will of the people’’ in Spanish.”