Change UK election strategy to share really savage memes about Nigel Farage

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Change UK, who are apparently still going, have revealed that they have developed a foolproof campaign strategy for the upcoming election.

Beginning tomorrow, they will share five different, really savage memes about Nigel Farage every day until the morning of the election when they will share them all again in a massive ‘meme-bomb.’

“Turns out that Chukka is amazing on Photoshop,” confirmed leader Heidi Allen.

“We were all having lunch in Nando’s together, because we’re totes normal, and Chukka showed me this picture he’d made of Nigel Farage, but he was in a scene from Line of Duty and the policemen were arresting him, but for lying about Brexit.

“It was really savage.”

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Consequently, Chukka Umunna has been made Change UK’s ‘meme-master’.

“Of course, he’s thrilled because it’s the most prestigious position he’s ever had since becoming an MP,” continued Ms Allen.

“So he’s at home now working really hard and he’s sent me some examples already.

“There’s one of Nigel Farage in Game of Thrones going ‘oh no, it’s all gone wrong,’ another one of Nigel Farage as a moth and Brexit as a lamp, although, is that really savage? Don’t know. Might get Chukka to have another look at it.

“Oh, this is good, look, Nigel Farage as Darth Vader and, look, it’s Chukka as Luke Skywalker fighting him, oh bless him.

“I definitely think we’re on to something here.”

With Change UK having several hundred twitter followers, it looks like their savage memes could well end up have a real impact amongst those several hundred people.