Game of Thrones fans left shocked as Daenerys kills almost as many innocent people as Tony Blair

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Game of Thrones fans have been left shocked and saddened after Daenerys Stormborn used her superior military equipment to kill almost as many people as Tony Blair did in Iraq.

In this week’s penultimate episode, the Dragon queen blew away military and civilians alike, as if she had been told by a seemingly reliable source that Kings Landing could launch weapons of mass destruction within forty-five minutes.

Supporters of Daenerys told us, “The only way to remove a tyrant who is clinging to power is by using your vastly superior firepower trigger a battle that kills hundreds of thousands of people.  That’s just common sense.

“There is simply no other way to deal with someone who won’t voluntarily give up power. And as we learned with Iraq, there is simply no way that this plan could possibly backfire on Daenerys and see her hailed as anything other than a victorious hero by everyone around her.

“I mean, on the plus side, at least she got it all over and done with quickly rather than letting people die over the next few years. So that’s something I guess?”

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Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the former prime minister explained that he had a great deal of sympathy for Daenerys, and he believes she acted in the only way she could, given the intelligence.

They told us, “Of course she would have preferred to save more lives, but when you’re raining down dragonfire into the streets of King’s Landing, you have to ignore the collateral damage and focus on the mission object – regime change.

“And in that respect, I think we can all agree – mission accomplished.”