Change UK’s monthly name change due imminently

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Change UK, the new party that makes The Monster Raving Looney Party look like a credible political option, is expected to announce its monthly name change shortly.

The new political party announced themselves in February as ‘The Independent Group’, then in March they changed their name to ‘Change UK,’ before last month changing their name once again to ‘Change UK – The Independent Group.’

“It’s important to keep people’s attention,” said Change UK leader Heidi Allen.

“One way to do that is with eye-catching policies and innovative political thinking, and the other way to do that is to regularly change your name so that you get a little sidebar in the papers saying that you can’t even come up with a name and stick with it – hey, bad publicity is still publicity, right?”

Currently, Westminster rumours suggest that the party favours a completely new name with ‘The Fancy Lemon Party’ being touted as likely, however, there is a chance that they simply append another couple of random words to their existing name to become ‘Change UK – The Independent Group Watermelon Underpass’.

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Either way, the name will become more coherent and meaningful than their current one.

Ms Allen, though, is giving nothing away.

She went on, “No, I won’t be telling you the new name now. We are having our big monthly name change announcement tomorrow afternoon in a Waitrose car-park in Tunbridge Wells, and if I announce the new name now then that’ll be our twelve supporters turning out for no good reason.”