Man offered job as Amazon delivery driver after not showing up to the interview

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A man who never turned up for an interview to be an Amazon delivery driver has been told he’s the perfect candidate and given the job.

Simon Williams was called for an interview ‘Between 9 and 3:30’ on Wednesday of last week – and his decision to stay in bed and not go clinched him being offered the position.

“Simon was everything we were looking for,” said Amazon Supremo Jeff Bezos.

“When he didn’t come to the interview we thought he’d be a good fit, but then he followed it up by claiming we weren’t in and he’d gone to a different interview down the street.

“I was sitting in my office all day waiting for him, and can see the door out of the window so I’d know if he’d actually tried, and nope, not a sign.

“That guy is a natural. He’ll go a long way in this company.”