Girlfriend who agreed to watch Game of Thrones final season with you spends every episode repeatedly asking ‘who’s that?’

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Your girlfriend might have agreed to watch the final season of Game of Thrones with you, but it is proving to be a bit of a challenge than you had hoped, according to sources today.

As the eighth and final season of the hit show continues towards next week’s finale, your girlfriend continues to insist on asking for details on who everyone is, in each and every scene.

She told us, “I know he loves the show, and I love him, so of course I wanted to sit on the sofa and watch it with him.

“After all, he was happy sitting through all six seasons of Downton Abbey on catch-up.”

You subsequently told us, “I was not happy sitting through all six seasons of Downton Abbey. I spent most of the time on my phone. But she seemed so keen to watch GoT with me I thought, ‘what’s the worst that could happen’?

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“It turns out that the worst that could happen is sitting watching it with the equivalent of an amnesiac puppy.

“Who is that? Why is his face like that? Are they related? Is she the dragon one? Is that the one who killed Sean Bean? It’s relentless.

“I offered to sit through the one-hour seven-season catch-up that Sky did before this season started – so she could get the gist of it – but she said ‘don’t be silly, I’ll just pick it up as we go along’. What that meant is she’ll ask me what’s going on every fifteen seconds.

“I’m almost tempted to tell her last night’s episode was the last one ever. I’m not sure I could ever forgive her if she ruins the finale.”