BBC reveal upcoming new channel ‘BBC Farage’

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Following their five-year experiment of giving Nigel Farage a seat on Question Time every week, the BBC has announced that it will be introducing a whole new channel to focus solely on the former UKIP leader.

The channel will be called BBC Farage and will run 24/7, providing quality opinions, documentaries and interviews with Nigel Farage and his supporters.

BBC executive Simon Williams told reporters, “Nigel hasn’t been on the TV for literally hours, so naturally we think the best way to solve this problem is to just give him his own channel.

“You see, despite him not being an actual politician, we are clearly still not giving him enough exposure.”

A typical programming schedule will look as follows:

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0000-0800 Brawling Britain – Rolling coverage of ‘100% English’ people beating up Britons of a darker hue
0800-0900 Brexit Breakfast – A look at the news from the UK and Europe with discussions over how foreigners might ruin Great Britain today
0900-1000 Farage’s Life Stories – Three solid hours crammed into one hour chronicling Nigel’s various attempts at winning a seat in the Commons
1000-1100 Wartime Hum-Along – One solid hour of Farage humming or whistling wartime classics
1100-1101 The Brexit Party Policies – Exhaustive list of all the Brexit Party policies
1102-1400 Lunchtime News – Two hours of inane, angry babbling from the man himself
1400-1600 Natter with Nigel – The former UKIP leader hosts a Richard and Judy style chat show, but with exclusively narrow-minded guests, alcohol and fags
1600-1900 UKIP History – Three hours telling the historic rise and demise of UKIP
1900-2000 Evening News – Examination of how foreigners have ruined Britain today
2000-2400 Libtard Lunacy – Four hours of expert analysis of how liberalism ruins everything, hosted by a recently lobotomised rodent