Sunday 12 May 2019

BBC is biased against politicians trying to distance themselves from their politically inconvenient histories, insists Farage

Nigel Farage angry and Andrew Marr

A furious Nigel Farage has told the BBC’s Andrew Marr that political interviews should never include questions about things the politician has said or policies they have previously supported.

After lashing out at Marr on television this morning because he didn’t like being asked questions, Farage went on to criticise the entire journalism industry for not forgetting everything he ever said before starting the Brexit Party.

An incandescent Farage went on, “Political interviewers have one purpose, and that’s to give politicians an opportunity to promote their views to the nation completely unchallenged.

“It is completely outrageous that Andrew Marr insisted on repeatedly asking me about things I definitely said, just because he wanted the voters to know if I still believed those things.

“Those things are in the past and are no longer relevant to today’s issues. How can something that happened three years ago possibly be relevant today?

“No, I don’t mean the referendum, that was three years ago, yes, but it’s still incredibly relevant – I mean the things that I said at the time of the referendum are now in the past and should no longer be part of the national debate. But the result is definitely still relevant.”

He went on to criticise the tactics used by so-called journalists trying to create a ‘gotcha’ moment on national television.

“It’s so childish to take words I have definitely said and policies I definitely supported a couple of years ago to make it seem like these might still be things I believe in.

“Fortunately, I didn’t get off the last boat – unlike all those Syrians – so I didn’t fall for it, and everyone now knows the failing BBC is clearly biased against politicians trying to distance themselves from their politically inconvenient histories.”

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