Lady Gaga attends Met gala wearing dress made from thoughts and philosophy of Bertrand Russell

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Lady Gaga stunned the fashion world by wearing a dress made from the thoughts and philosophy of Bertrand Russell to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art’s gala ball.

It is understood that the thoughts and philosophies of Russell were harvested from a series of television interviews he gave in the fifties.

Designer Brandon Maxwell then shouted at the harvested thoughts until they assembled themselves into a dress.

“Stunning, thought-provoking, and you could see her pants,” said leading fashion commentator Simon Williams.

“It recalled Madonna’s dress from the 1990 Academy Awards which had the thoughts of Wittgenstein woven into the headpiece, but a dress made from nothing but philosophical thoughts is a different prospect altogether and is nothing short of a triumph.”

The Met Gala is a celebration of the fashion world’s most imaginative and provocative designs and, as always, featured some spectacular and outlandish outfits.

Joining Lady Gaga on the red carpet were tennis icon Serena Williams who was magnificently clad in a dress made entirely from the effluence of Bernie Saunders in what many are seeing as an endorsement for the Democratic candidate, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner wore a giant halibut and Oscar winner Jerad Leto spent the entire evening obscured by a rock carried by children orphaned by war.

However, the evening was dominated by Lady Gaga in a way not seen since Cher wore some yogurt to the 1996 ball.

It is understood that Lady Gaga is already planning an outfit for next year’s ball made from the polluted atmosphere of our dying planet.

It will be pink.