Daily Mail readers livid as glimpse of royal baby not enough to make a judgement on its skin tone

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Daily Mail readers have been left even more full of impotent rage than normal today, after a brief television appearance by Harry and Meghan’s baby failed to fully reveal how foreign the newborn looked to them.

The baby’s mother, Meghan, has come under the close scrutiny of Daily Mail and MailOnline readers ever since they discovered with horror that it was possible for a white British man to find someone from a different ethnic background attractive.

“All we saw was a brief glimpse of a couple of square inches of his face,” said bitterly disappointed arsehole Derek Williams.

“The question on everyone’s lips is ‘will the baby be black or white’ or to put it another way, ‘will the baby be worthy of abject derision from day one, or respect?’

“And the minute or so of footage of the heavily wrapped baby was hardly enough to see whether he will grow up to be a proud white Army-type lad like his father, or a mixed-race divorcee American actress like his gold-digging mother.

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“And yes, that doesn’t make sense, but I’m not going to let rationality and logic get in the way of a good rant, am I?”

Fellow simpleton Eleanor Gay chimed in, “The baby’s probably not even a real one, it looked a lot like a doll to me.

“Meghan’s up to something, I know it. No American just falls in love, marries and has a child these days, no. I’ve never trusted an American, not since they faked the moon landings.”