‘Have a peaceful Ramadan, especially those of you dressed like letterboxes,’ says Boris

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Boris Johnson, the man who thinks Muslim women dress in a way that makes them indistinguishable from letterboxes, has Tweeted a video which attempts to give the impression he isn’t a vile Islamophobe.

The man who would literally say or do anything if he thought it would further his political career has posted a sickeningly hypocritical video of himself wishing Muslims “across the world” a peaceful Ramadan.

In the video Johnson said that Ramadan is a time for “community” and “coming together.” Presumably he wants people to disregard his previous comments that Islamophobia is a “natural reaction” to Islam.

He’d love you to erase from your memory the things he said in the wake of the London bombings, notably that “the problem is Islam.”

He probably also wants people to forget that just a matter of months ago he said that women who wear burqas look like letterboxes and bank robbers.

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Johnson’s advisor Simon Williams explained the video.

He told us, “Boris accepts that there are British Muslims who have the vote. I mean, he doesn’t agree with it of course, but he accepts that’s the case.

“Making a ten-second video saying nice things about Ramadan means they might vote for him one day and help him to become prime minister.

“It’s the same with his haircut – he was reluctant at first, but I managed to persuade him that racist tramps simply don’t get to live on Downing Street..”

Boris himself said, “I genuinely meant the things I said in the video – people should put aside their differences and foster a sense of peace and community.

“Only for the month of Ramadan though, obviously – after that everyone can go back to a view of Islam that’s driven by fear and hate. And rightly so.”